Top 15 Dental Surgery Equipment items...

Promed has compiled a list of 15 items of surgery equipment every dental surgery should have...

From small to large surgeries, here is a list of essential equipment you will need for today's busy modern practice.

For more information on any of the equipment featured, please contact Nuala or Niamh on freephone 1800 619 619.

Our versatile dental chairs offer ergonomic solutions that make them ideal for all operating styles. The modular configuration of the chairs allow dentists to personalise units according to their specific operational and workplace environments.

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Promed now offers a range of air compressors from market leaders such as Durr, Cattani and MGF. Please ask your account manager for more information about our available range, or alternatively to discuss which compressor would best suit your surgery requirements, speak to one of our Service Engineers, they will be happy to advise you!

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We offer a range of suction units from maret leaders such as Durr, Cattani and MGF. Promed's Service Engineers will be able to best advise you on which suction unit would best suit your requirements, and offer tips on best practice for their maintenance. If you are undertaking a complete surgery set up, please call one of the Promed Account managers, as they will be able to advise you of our introductory offers and any available discounted pricing.

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Promed is pleased to announce the addition of MyRay Digital imaging equipment to our range. MyRay is a brand belonging to Cefla Dental Group, a leading European manufacturer for well over half a century. MyRay devices were specifically designed for simplicity and performance.

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In light of present knowledge, steam sterilisers without a vacuum phase, in which air is removed from the chambers by steam displacement are not to be used for sterilising the following: wrapped instruments, lumened devices including suction tips, handpieces etc, instruments for storage. Thus the use of a vacuum autoclave is highly recommended by the Dental Council.

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For completely automatic washing and thermal disinfection. Cleans and disinfects most types of instruments. Four cycles: pre-wash, wash, disinfection and drying. Three programmes available for lightly soiled to heavily soiled instruments.

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Distilled, sterile or demineralised water is essential for use in steam autoclaves. The use of tap water will result in a deposit of scale within the autoclave which will cause components to fail and instruments to become marked. Water distillers provide a convenient and cost-effective source of high quality distilled, but non-sterile, water.

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Our curing light range has been expanded to include the Smartlite by Dentsply, featuring an innovative LED light which is lightweight and works well with the clinicians hand.

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Promed stocks a large range of Endo motors. Products include the Endo-Mate DT Complete pack, the X-Smart Endo Motor, the Endomate TC2 and more...

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Since its foundation in 1930 NSK has been dedicated to high speed rotary cutting technology and its applications.  The following two Surgical motors have been added to the Promed range by popular demand.
VarioSurg: a powerful ultrasonic surgical system with illumination and Surgic XT Plus: Even smarter with Advanced Torgue Calibration and brighter with Optic Illumination.

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The solid titanium body of these handpieces is lightweight, very durable and remarkably comfortable to hold, even during extended clinical procedures. Optic illumination is via a cellular glass rod which will not deteriorate after repeated sterilisation. The NSK patented clean head system is a unique feature which is proven to resist internal contamination of the handpiece and tubings by airborne organisms.

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Promed stocks a range of Ultrasonic Scalers from Dentsply. The Cavitron Plus accepts all 30K Cavitron Inserts, delivers warm water to increase patient comfort and maintains clinical power at lower power settings. the Cavitron Select has a self contained water reservoir, and the user can adjust the water flow during the operation without having to reach across the patient.

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A rotating capsule mixing device providing completely homogenous mix, Rotomix from 3M ESPE offers easy loading and unloading of capsules and extremely quiet operation. A touch-pad features both pre-set (8 and 10 sec) and programmable settings (1-39 sec) for easy operation.

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Our apex locators provide accurate measurements in all conditions, featuring audio signals as well as large display screens to best gauge the patient's canal condition. Promed stocks the iPex Precision Apex Locator from NSK, and the Raypex 5 from Dentsply.

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Correct and frequent maintenance of every handpiece is key to performance and durability. The Care 3 Plus C1 Type from NSK automatically cleans and lubricates.

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