Infection Control - Dental Guidelines

With the code of practice relating to infection control in dentistry issued by the Dental Council, there has never been a better time to ensure you are providing a service that promotes best practice.

Enough time should be allocated between patients in order to implement standard precautions to reduce the risk of micro organisms from known and unknown sources of infection (blood, body fluids, excretions, secretions etc.)  These precautions apply to the care of all patients regardless of their diagnosis or presumed infection status.

The principle of standard precautions between patients include:
  • Handwashing, using an appropriate hand disinfectant
  • Change of Protective barriers, i.e. protective shields and disposable tips
  • Correct Disposal of all healthcare waste, including needles or sharps
  • Wipe down of all surgery equipment and surfaces
  • Effective cleaning and sterilisation of all equipment and instruments used in the previous treatment
Ultimately dentists have a duty to take appropriate precautions to protect their patients and their staff from risk of cross infection as well as ensuring staff understand and implement the infection control policy and procedures.

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