We are delighted to introduce some new product demo videos...

Here are a range new product videos offering tips and techniques for product use...

"How to crack a tough nut successfully with ProTemp4..." (3M ESPE)

"Easy and affordable restorations with Filtek Z500 Universal Restorative" (3M ESPE)

"Veneer Technique using Scotchbond Universal Adhesive" (3M ESPE)

"Selective Etch Application using Scotchbond Universal Adhesive" (3M ESPE)

"3 ways to create a strong adhesion with the 3M ESPE Scotchbond Universal Bonding agent" (3M ESPE)

"How to create an aesthetic ANTERIOR restoration using Filtek Supreme XTE" (3M ESPE)

"Demonstration creating anterior restorations using a Multi-shade technique" (3M ESPE)

"How to create a POSTERIOR restoration using a DUAL-shade technique" (3M ESPE)

"Easy and Effective Gingival Retraction with the new 3M ESPE Astringent Retraction paste" (3M ESPE)

Helix EN867-5 Load Monitoring (3.5 Minutes for 134ºC) (Medisafe Dental)

Daily Bowie and Dick type test (Medisafe Dental)

If you would like any further info on any of the featured items, please don't hesitate to contact Niamh or Nuala.