Are you prepared for the FLU SEASON? €100 OFF a new fridge with Free Delivery

Pharmacy Refrigeration for the FLU SEASON

Are you prepared for the Flu Season?

Let us, in Promed, find the right solutions for you …..

With the flu season underway we have put together a useful offer & suggestions to assist your practice/pharmacy for the compliant storage of your vaccines.

For the month of September 2018 – Promed will give €100 OFF the price of your new fridge with FREE Delivery.

Liebherr Refrigeration Range

Liebherr Pharmacy Refrigeratrion

Lec Refrigeration Range

Lec Refrigeration Range

For your current Medical and Pharmacy Refrigeration:

We have Servicing, Testing and Calibration options available for your existing fridge.

Comprehensive planned maintenance is completed on these units including:

  • Fridge alarm checks, temperature and door (where applicable).
  • Internal/External focus.
  • Temperature validation.
  • Fridge settings.
  • Electrical safety checks.

Tips for vaccine storage:

    1. Tips for vaccine storage: Keeping The Cold Chain Intact
      Keep your vaccines within temperature range PLUS best practice guidelines on how to stock your pharmacy fridge – Read More
    2. Does your fridge meet HSE requirements with a data logger?
      Download the Requirements PDF from the HSE here


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