Did you know that HSE guidelines state that a data logger should be used in fridges where vaccines are stored??

With every Liebherr fridge ordered before June 1st 2018 we are offering:

  • FREE datalogger worth €109
  • FREE delivery, installation, packaging removal & WEEE service worth €200
  • Great Discount Prices on Liebherr pharmacy refrigeration
Liebherr pharmacy fridge 72845

Liebherr MKv 3913 Pharmacy Tall Fridge Glass Door
600W / 615D / 1840H
Cat No: 72845

Original Price: €1,855.30 ex VAT
Discount Price: €1,659.66 ex VAT

Liebherr Pharmacy Refrigeration 72846

Liebherr MKv 3910 Pharmacy Tall Fridge Solid Door
600W / 615D / 1840H
Cat No: 72846

Original Price: €1,680.45 ex VAT
Discount Price: €1,341.96 ex VAT

Liebherr fridge 72847

Liebherr MKUV 1613 Pharmacy Small Fridge Glass Door
600W / 615D / 820H
Cat No: 72847

Original Price: €1,395.75 ex VAT
Discount Price: €1,242.61 ex VAT

Liebherr Fridge 72848

Liebherr MKUv 1610 Pharmacy Small Fridge Solid Door
600W / 615D / 820H
Cat No: 72848

Original Price: €1,299.57 ex VAT
Discount Price: €1,114.00 ex VAT

Promed can recommend a pharmacy fridge to suit your specific requirements.

Please contact us on freephone 1800 619 619 or email sales@promed.ie for further details.

Useful Information:

We have put together some useful resources below to help you prepare your medical practice or pharmacy for the storage of vaccines, keeping the cold chain intact and HSE guidelines.

    1. Tips for vaccine storage: Keeping The Cold Chain Intact
      Keep your vaccines within temperature range PLUS best practice guidelines on how to stock your pharmacy fridge – Read More
    2. Does your fridge meet HSE requirements in relation to vaccine cold-chain?
      Download the Requirements PDF from the HSE here

Why is the Liebherr range the right choice for your business?

liebherr pharmacy refrigeration advantages

Our range of Liebherr Refrigeration has many advantages including:

  • All parts manufactured in Liebherr, a very experienced supplier of high quality pharmacy refrigeration.
  • No need to leave the fridge stand for 24 hours before plugging in (other brands need to stand to allow gas to settle).
  • Liebherr fridges are designed for purpose (not for commercial or domestic use). The Liebherr fridges that Promed supply all come from their manufacturing plant in Austria.
  • Temperature stability – unlike many other brands.
  • Low noise levels. Liebherr fans are made with specific material to reduce noise levels.
  • Battery powered alarms and temperature display for 12 hours after power goes out – peace of mind with vaccines.
  • Visual and audible temperature alarms alert the user if the set temperature deviation limits of +2°C and +8°C are exceeded.
  • The moulded inner liner is exceptionally easy to clean and enables perfect hygiene.
  • The evaporator cover prevents contact between the stored pharmaceutical products and the cold evaporator surface.
  • The plastic-coated wire shelves provide support for products, are easily adjustable in height and can be removed at a door opening angle of 90°.
  • Pharmacy refrigerators comply with DIN 58345 for the storage of pharmaceutical products.
  • LED ceiling light with separate switch in pharmacy refrigerators with glass door MKv 3913 and MKUv 1613.
  • It logs the maximum and minimum internal temperatures that occur once the set temperature is reached.
  • Temperature is set at the factory to +5°C. The pharmacy refrigerators are equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent temperatures below +2°C in case of a malfunction. This prevents sensitive products from being destroyed.
  • Self-closing doors for convenient use. The integrated lock is very sturdy and protects the stored products against unauthorised access.

Plus of course…

  • A 2 year warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Free WEEE collection
  • Finance plans available

For more information please download this Liebherr Pharmacy Refrigeration Information PDF.

Call us today on freephone 1800 619 619 or email sales@promed.ie for further details.