Chison Qbit5 Ultrasound

Chison Qbit5 Ultrasound with 3.5MHz Convex,7.5MHz Linear,6.0MHz Trans-vaginal probes.

chison qbit5 ultrasound
  • The QBit allows one-touch user adjusted contrast resolution based upon differences in tissue density
  • Full screen mode without losing image resolution – for more accurate diagnosis
  • Auto IMT Function – automatically traces the intima and measures the thickness
  • The Qbit uses quad-beam technology for ultrasound signal receiving which doubles the volume of signals received – generating accurate images
  • Adaptive colour detection which can automatically adjust the assessment of signal and noise according to different tissues
  • Supplied with 3.5MHz Convex,7.5MHz Linear,6.0MHz Trans-vaginal probes
  • 15-inch high resolution LED monitor That can rotate 180 with also Integrated speaker volume adjustable
  • Supplied on Cart