custo-med 300 24 Hr ABPM

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Promed is the sole authorised agent for supply and service of custo•med products to Primary Care in Ireland

custo-med 300 24 Hr ABPM

High-quality double tube system for significant reduction of motion artefacts

– Low-noise pump valve unit for higher patient comfort
– Adaptive algorithm for patient-friendly measurement
– Robust recorder with high-performance components for increased product life cycle

Skin-friendly, easy-to-disinfect, synthetic cuff available in sizes S to XXL

Wireless data transfer from the recorder to the PC

  • Dimensions approx. 100 * 66 * 26 mm (L * W * H)
  • Weight approx. 172 g (incl. batteries)

Integrates directly with HEALTHone, Helix Practice Manager, Socrates and Complete GP.

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The Only
approved ABPM
in Ireland

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