custo screen 400 ABPM/Holter unit
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custo screen 400 ABPM/Holter unit

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custo screen 400 ABPM/Holter unit
custo screen 400 ABPM/Holter unit
  • This versatile unit can measure ABPM or Holter ECG, or a combination of both. Where required, both sets of measurements can be taken over 24hrs on a patient. The ABPM has the highest level of Clinical Validation ESH2010 IP.
  • The Holter ECG is provided by means of a wireless device sitting on the patient’s chest with the custo belt. This provides 3 channels for long term arrhythmia analysis.
  • Data transfer is by means of a mini SD card and this device will integrate with Socrates/Health one/ HPM and Complete GP.
  • Requires Software : custo tera, holter ECG software provides a summary view of readings instantly available in graphical and tabular form. @ €1,830.00 ex Vat
  • Simple tools for quick assessment and adjustment of the ECG signal
  • Detailed configurable setting pages for individual determination of the event parameters
  • Additional functions available, such as: Full ECG view, ST measurement, RR variability with scatter diagram, heart rate turbulence (only with custo tera professional)
  • Requires screen combi starter kit @ €184.00 ex Vat

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€1,928.50 ex VAT

Short Description custo screen 400 ABPM/Holter unit
Additional Info custo 400 ABPM/Holter unit Requires software and starter kit - please contact your account manager to get a quote .
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