Fast Patient Care Management

Save time in your practice with ‘True Integration,’ a fast patient care management system which allows you to take an ECG reading and save it directly into the patient record in your patient management software.

  • NO NEED to scan documents?
  • NO NEED to save and attach separate files?
  • MORE TIME to see patients

The benefits are immediate:

  • Software links directly to your patient management software (HealthOne, Helix Practice Manager, Socrates or Complete GP)
  • Patient data is automatically transferred?Results are automatically attached to patient record file
  • PMS attaches the PDF automatically on test completion

Fast Patient Care Management

Patient Care Management Videos

Watch this video to see Dr Rory O’ Driscoll give an overview as to how equipment and software integration works.

Watch this video to see how True Integration works for ECG, from taking a measurement to seeing how the data is imported automatically.

In this video, Dr O’ Driscoll demonstrates the ease of use of the ECG device with integration, for a GP who
A) may not be used to taking an ECG measurement or
B) may be taking an ECG out of hours.

You can also take a holter, ABPM or spirometry reading in the same way!